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Ann Soldering
Ann Pearce, originally from Amarillo, Texas, began her artistic career designing animals and other designs out of wax and casting them in sterling silver. Although these pieces could be added to existing necklaces through a clip she designed on the back of the piece, Ann primarily used these pieces to enhance her necklace designs. Ann's workshop was in her home and primarily sold her jewelry at art shows in the Texas Panhandle and northeastern New Mexico, where she also won several awards.

Ann Soldering 2In 2001, Ann moved to Victoria, Texas and opened her first public studio after over fifteen years in the business. In 2004, she moved to San Antonio, TX and opened a store, in which she also sells beads, findings and materials. She now fabricates almost all of her designs out of sterling silver and a multitude of semi-precious gems and minerals so they will be one of a kind. Ann won first place in the jewelry category at the 2002 Victoria Art League Spring Show and second place in the sculpture category in the 2003 Victoria Art League Spring Show. Ann's jewelry is unique, but functional and of the highest quality.

Ann was featured in the November/December 2007 issue of Jewelry Crafts magazine.

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